Skills are the future of work.™

Skills Driven Insight into the Future of Work & Learning

Look at the world of work through a skills lens not at a job description...

We’re proving the case for a skills-driven approach to leveraging data in training provision.

We support education & training providers to leverage skills data and inform more locally relevant growth strategies.

Knowledge & expertise of

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further & higher education pathways in the creative &  digital industries, as well as business, marketing & sales. 

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Improvement in learner onboarding & retention.


Assess & align your provision with local skills demand.


Identify workforce needs through a skills lens.

Skills Data

Benchmark your offering against competitors with granular data.


Align a qualification with true market demand.

Growth Consulting

Discover new opportunities for growth & partnership.


Tap into new employer bases & identify gaps

Employer Engagement

Consistent growth requires fresh insight.

One of the hardest things about employer engagement in a complex sector like further education is knowing who to target. 

We'll recommend the solution that's right for your organisation & qualification...

Skills Data

User limits apply.

Skills providers & ancillary organisations can access our granular, real time market data for their own research on a single or multi-user licence. 

*UK further education (FE) providers must be RoATP registered. 

Growth Consulting
£fee/ month

Flexible monthly retainers (3 month min).

We realise that your needs are unique. Initial conversations will revolve around understanding those needs and the best solutions.

We’ll leverage our education industry experience in conjunction with data-backed insights to develop and inform your growth strategy in the following areas: 

Kind words from previous clients.

“I've been able to leverage more granular and relevant data in my consultations with prospective employers; I wouldn't have been able to build such a persuasive business case without it as open access labour market intelligence is usually so generic."
Jessica Lambert
Employer Engagement
"As a leading employer-provider, we're able to better educate other organisations on the value of a solid online presence that can be achieved by upskilling staff on our versatile junior content producer and digital marketer programmes. Learners exit the programmes understanding possible career pathways, and with the skills to help organisations of all kinds to thrive and grow."
Philippa Plumpton
Operations Director
Impact Group
"Recruiting new learners is now easier thanks to the insights we can obtain from skills data because we can better understand the full learner journey. It's become a fully learner centric process."
Henry Whitford
Admissions Officer
Warwickshire College Group